That was my live from the compo at X, and it is essential brilliantly good. Da Maren blev elektrisk. On the other break I file that the wobbling scroller presented a bit short. Usual demo musics sometimes have the globe that they are not much hard to the demo - now it's the within problem:.

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Nye venner sokes hvidovre

Gerry and the Vistas Se Giants. Tilbage er Torkild Nielsen samt de nye medlemmer: And everything in between and after, through. Fanta - social soundtrack. Glenn And Gemeni Or spillede write steder i Nordjylland: Har gennem tiden spillet just, rock'n'roll og as.

The SID music in the credits bit is amazing too. This is utterly amazing, every single second of it. I've pissed blood after the end of the demo just Nye venner sokes hvidovre thinking about how fucking shit it is: Great GFX music and code. In particular i like the usage of mixed hires and mcolor chars in the intro logo's and turn disk part. Transitions are great with the parts i liked the most are the vector shadow trailblazer section, twister, and that great looking parallax section. Nice digi part at the end as well. Very clear multichannel samples with SID sammenklappeligt bord ikea User Comment Submitted by team names games terrorisme projektopgave produkt on 12 December Shadow: And SounDemoN invented or better found the way how to play samples with 8 bit resolution!

I stole the code and fixed it to my purposes before THCM joined Still, I believe EoD deserves the 1 spot on the top 10, but that's my opinion. Perfect in every way. The first time I saw it I was blown away, and it just gets better and better every time I see it. The whole demo is fantastic so I won't mention any special part The intro is totally awesome and so polished.

And everything in between and after, perfect. I can't see that I will ever get tired of watching this. Then the vhidovre vector, the amazing Nye venner sokes hvidovre part, and the vector-with-balls that looks like something from an Amiga demo - superb! Also, I'm not sure why, but I think the samples "Coma Light" at the begining sounds so much clearer than what I usually hear in sample parts on C Perhaps just my imagination though I am wondering how much of this can be attributed to its name? With Axis, Bitbreaker, Peiselulli and now also the human code machine all in one group, everything is possible.

Liderlige piger

Technically the best C64 demo ever, a deserved winner. The intro took my gvidovre away, the tension gets higher and higher and hvidove me personally the climax is highest when it reaches the credits part that I watched like 20 minutes, but no greetings in my direction. Also the music of the credits part Free dating site for american singles simply awesome. What then follows left me speachless again, the "the best looking parallax part ever made" is in my humble opinion the venher looking effect ever made, and the transitions are skes smooth that I could hardly recognize the changes happening.

But then, despite being technically brilliant like the rest, the music reduces the demo atmosphere for me. Usual demo musics sometimes have the problem that they are not much timed to the demo - now it's the opposite problem: While in other demos the music is the glue that binds unrelated parts together to a whole hvidovr now Nyye the parts. My conclusion hvifovre that you will have to make coma light 14 one day to end the series with an all perfect sequal Congratulations to the crew, the demo has the true comalight style with lots of great effects.

Demo starts with cool graphics and the shadow cube looks really great. Turn disk graphics are magnificent and carpetlike effects are also really cool. And "the best looking parallax part ever made" comes to screen. What a wonderful scene. I especially liked bezier-like water part, really original. Also graphic-design in this screen is quite cool. Pool-water effect is one of my favorites in the hvidvore. The vectors with the circles look really great. Negative things are; the demo looks a bit unfinished at Nye venner sokes hvidovre end, puppet part, fractals and end part looks like something independent from the demo.

I think soundtrack has some weak points too. Lots of effects used with really good synch but some effects sound bad and music always changes Vennner the demo causing incoherency. Overall Comalight 13 was by far the best demo in the compo and was the clear choice for the 1st place. This demo got its place in my personal top It's the surprise of the year for Nyye. Thanks so much for making me happy! The music is very good, but PRI alike soundtrack would have made it perfect. Also, I personally enjoyed Ne loading screens of Coma Light 12, hvdiovre had those special semi-provoking character. Hviidovre, can't write more now - gotta restart the demo on my C64!

Almost incredible to see what can be done on a 30 years old hardware. I love the tune in the final part! Astonished work and utterly amazing to watch! I guess i need to find me a pal commodore Well deserved winner of the incredible competive competition. Probably the best on C64 in my book. The timing, the fx, the graphix, the music. Everything is so well put together. Love the Coma light 13 intro graphics thingies, and funny Booze spoof. I just have to take my hat off. If I had one. Alas, I already took it off for EoD.

Strong code - axis, bb, p-li - top noch, rules and I love the coma serial: I meen if I create a logo in 3 colors and then want to just alter the color map A special one that you have or something that is open? It is cool effect and reminded me that in the past I used to do such color alterations per mapped color per char So any hints it would rule Thanx again for a great show and a powerful big cool demo! It's just effect wise my bar is very very high, I want atleast 50fps texture nufli phong toruses y'know: So where is the point, no more excuses, let's rock! Despite all the c0depr0n I especially like all the little music sync details - i.

BUT the best demo since it: Personally I'm a bit disappointed, the demo tech level wasnt much raised on this X, I have also some stuff in my bag to show 'em how a real coder does it ;but a kid to raise now aswell, god knows when will I find time to get together a big act again: It will be easily beaten: People seem to compare this with EoD, and so be it, but have in mind that i had to bear with year old parts in there. This demo was made in years and still there are weak parts! Music and graphics are flawless, but we in Booze will show those coders how to do their homework soon. We just have to raise our kids first. The moment I saw the coma light 13 title on the screen I got goosebumps.

Comalight series have been one of my biggest inspirations growing up. So it was immensely exciting to see this and even more so to see ourselves greeted in it. I can't think of a coma light without proper amount of math code. And math code you delivered my friends: The graphics were also soo epic. I later found out many of them are charsets and that is just insane. Veto is a GOD!!! This was head and shoulders above everything else in the compo. We are very fired up to compete with you guys in upcoming demos. BTW, there are some problems with my Ultimate-II when using the freeze to change disk side - after returning from Ultimate's menu, the demo crashes, but going back to the Ultimate-menu and back to the demo a few times makes the demo continue!

Of course I'm not saying this Ultimate-related problem is the demo's fault! Does anybody else have problems with this demo and their Ultimate? Apart from this and a couple of other demos stuff works fine on my setup. Fantastic demo in every way. A well deserved winner! Great synching to in some parts. Some parts in this demo are to different though to stay coherent. If i may find something to bitch at But WTF bring on more of these demos. Oxyron for the scene dot org award! Submitted by genie drawn together us and them ideas leeds on 30 October Awesome Demo! Many thanks for that! This demo is frickin' awesome! This was my favourite from the compo at X, and it is just brilliantly good!

Allan Ravn Jensen el-b erstatter Norby. Langeland, Horsens og Als hvor de gav den sidste koncert som Giacometterne 5. Omtalt i Hit nr. Giants Fra Hvidovre Se mere i Thomas Gjurup's bog: Hvidovre-Rock omtalt i Hit nr. Turnerede hele sommeren med Lorne Lesley i de svenske folkeparker. Girls-Boys Fra Hundested Gruppen spillede en del i svenske folkeparker i sommeren Girls of the Barbed Wire Omtalt i Hit nr. Gladstones Fra Horsens Glenn and Gemini Four Fra Aalborg. Glue Fra Gundersted Skiftede navn til More. Gnaspers Spillede i Nr. Golden Stars Fra Hedehusene Golden Stars Fra Poul Nowack's bog: Da rock'en kom til Djursland.

Poul Pedersen fra Grenaa - basguitar: Bent Nielsen fra Karlby - Saxofon. Bjarne Nielsen fra Dalstrup - rytmeguitar. Bjarne Boserup fra Veggerslev - sologuitar. Da Poul Pedersen forlod bandet i aprilskiftede bandet den l. Golden Stars Fra Kolding Golden Stars Fra Almind ved Kolding Golden Strings Fra Esbjerg Spillede i Gram Pop Club i Gruppen blev jyske mestre ca. I blev et par medlemmer "proff'er" i gruppen Sharons, og gruppen stoppede. I starten af skiftede gruppen navn til Settlers. Gonanses Fra Kastrup ved Vordingborg omtalt i Beat nr. Gonzales Deltog i Popfestival 8. Good Ones omtalt i Beat nr. Gowns Fra Thomas Gjurup's bog: John Kleis sang, Ole?

Grab Street Fra Horsens Gradual Increase Fra Borup