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Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding

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You probably already know that adding crown molding to your walls where they mouldjng the ceilings adds value to your home, but did you know that this is also true of the kitchen cabinets? Crown molding added along the top of the cabinets is an inexpensive DIY project that will add to your home's resale value as well as its overall interior appeal.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade With Paint and Crown Molding

Something else that's nice about installing crown molding on your kitchen cabinets is that it's a relatively easy process, as you'll find out below in our 3 simple steps. Kinky taboo sex Measurements To start the process of adding crown molding to the kitchen cabinets area, you'll need your tape measure. For the length you don't necessarily need to crawl up on a chair or the countertops to get a good measurement -- just measure the length of your cabinets and you'll get the total length of crown molding that you'll need. As for the width, if there is a large gap between your ceiling and cabinets and you want the molding to fill that in, you'll need a step ladder.

If the cabinet butts up to the ceiling or you're just adding the molding to enhance the appearance and not necessarily fill in any gap issue, just be sure that the width of molding you choose will clear the cabinet door when opening it. You Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding install the molding directly to the cabinet, however, in some instances there may be little to no room above the cabinet door for the molding. There's often wasted material as well as mistakes that will make you glad you have the extra amount on hand. Making the Cut Once you have your molding and other materials ready, you can begin to cut. Using a miter saw is usually the best way since there's going to be angle cuts needed for the molding to fit tightly together where they meet.

The two types of cuts you'll be making are the outside and inside corner cuts. Using a scrap piece of wood or cardboard, begin at one corner of the cabinet and mark the scrap with the approximate angle you'll be needing. Before cutting your first length, mark the molding as LH left hand or RH right hand mounting for easier identification when installing and cutting it. Your first cut is your butt joint, which is where the molding will be butted directly against a wall on one end and meeting another piece of molding on the other end.

Cut your first piece of molding the length needed with a straight cut. This straight cut will be going along the wall side. Your next cut is going to be an angle cut. Since most cabinets are square, this means your angle cuts will be 45 degrees. My little brain thought it would be as easy as cutting trim We ran into that fun conundrum as you see in the above photo. There are charts on how to do this for every angle and every position on your saw. It was pretty helpful. This is a process you are just going to have to go through in order to get to the good stuff! Sandra points out that she has to go back to her templates every time, even though she does this often.

I found that to be the case everyday during this project!

Big thanks to DecoArt for providing the paint and Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding for this project! The best thing about using this paint was not having to sand or prime the cabinets! We started by taping over the hinges with painter's tape and painting the cabinets without removing the doors. This ended up in paint on the hardware anyway, so we decided to remove the doors for the rest of the cabinets. All in all, we used 17 8 oz jars of the paint. If you are going to go this route, make sure you have plenty of paint for your project before you start.

Waiting on more to come while you have no cabinet doors is less than fun. Ask me how I know. It fits under the window in our new house like a glove! Painting the cabinets took 4 coats. We applied the clear wax and that was it. We were without cabinet doors for 2 weeks while we continued moving into the house and painting cabinets as time would allow.