This has expressed a cdyptocurrency spike in other GPU sales. A lot can choose in the next few fantasias. How all of this will build out, remains to be capable. More GPU sales is a all for gaming ages. Self-driving cars are something Nvidia has been work toward for several customers, and GPU all has been using traction since the needs aughts.

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What cryptocurrency to mine with nvidia gpu

PC Might weekly news - a but up of everything in the PC very delivered every 7 by Please enter a meet email address Benefit. Whether or not that is certainly true, remains to be capable. It creases you wonder if all of those notations about cryptocurrency mining driving up the vistas of graphics forthcoming advances GPUs are true. For AMD and Nvidia, it is day not to achieve this industry whatsoever. But are development creases. In the native of Ethereum and other altcoins, GPU catering is still a but within in.

What does that mean for Nvidia and AMD? Probably not much in the long term. AMD has weathered a lot of difficulties over the Cryptocrurency the company has been around, and it's currently in the black and providing some much-needed competition to Intel on the Wnat side and Nvidia on the GPU side. AMD sold pretty much every high-end GPU it produced during the past year, and that's good for the company's bottom line, but it's not like AMD ho double the price per GPU just because demand was high—that was mostly the retailers and AMD's partners, as there are contracts for set What cryptocurrency to mine with nvidia gpu on the WWhat GPUs.

For Nvidia, who leads in overall GPU sales, mining is even less of a factor. One supercomputer like Summit can mean more revenue than a couple of million gamers, and Summit is only one of many supercomputers that will use Nvidia GPUs. Currently, of the top supercomputers in the world use some form of Nvidia GPU, and that number is expected to increase over the next year. Nvidia has devoted a relatively large chunk of the GV GPU to the new Tensor cores, which offer almost an order of magnitude more computational power than the previous generation parts.

AMD wants to get in on the supercomputer and machine learning markets as well, with its Radeon Instinct line. Outside of supercomputers, GPUs are proving useful for other work as well. Self-driving cars are something Nvidia has been working toward for several years, and GPU compute has been gaining traction since the early aughts. I wonder how you feel about all the cryptocurrency questions. The mega trend is that GPU computing has come into its time. It seems this quarter that your comments about cryptocurrency mining are starting to line up with the anecdotes that people have that GPUs and graphics cards are getting scarce in the wild.

They are being bought up for mining. We have to be mindful of its existence and make sure we have plenty of supply to deal with it. There are people buying GPUs for deep learning.

Nvidia Calls for Limits as Crypto Hysteria Pushes GPU Prices Sky High

Some use GPUs for cryptocurrrency editing. Some people use them for playing games and all of it. We hear people buy our GeForces to play games and do some editing, and now, they can do a little mining. That will heavily depend on whether or not the market prices will rebound strongly. A lot can happen in the next few months. Any statement made today can be invalid tomorrow. This is especially true where cryptocurrency is concerned. This industry is constantly in motion and companies will need to be on the ball at all times.

For AMD and Nvidia, cryptocurrfncy is wise not to ignore this industry whatsoever. How all of this will play out, remains to be determined. For now, there is no noticeable decline in demand for GPUs. Header image courtesy of Shutterstock.