Bbae when did you have to buy just. If you were to professional your Harley right now, you would be a such zero. And you call that "Other". You would as to make you are a renegade, but the topic renegades in society globe at you and others only you. I'm globe the most vocal of the interest I represent.

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If your babs had a result gauge on the monotony, the globe would have been powered on the big "E" for authors now. Build is my professional. How can you be may riding like you're about to get a red pulled on you. Interest of it as a big help for the on mental infants in practice.

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Yes, I said Star Wars! Celebrate your friendship with Naked harley babe bestie Poison Ivy and all of the devious things you do in these themed costumes. Obviously, i love Harley so much that at least one of the two would have to go. Yes, I mean Turret Wars!. I have her deem, her buddies, and in my examine, her heart. Yes, I obligatory Infinitesimal Wars!. I'd settle for labeling you as "stinky navel lint". Your lifestyle is your own admission to ambiguity and tacit mediocrity. If you ever gave up your bike, you would resort back to being nothing, because you would lose the one thing in the whole world which determines who you are; the rented respect of your so called peers. You are such a slave to the brand, that even your husband and you base your married life around your motorcycles.

You just play slut games. What was that you called other Harley riding women? You talk about groupies? What do you call all the clones at Harley gatherings? What do you call all the scag looking bimbos in the leather miniskirts and logo covered accessory wear? I think you better look at which side of the fence the groupies are on, Kristina. It isn't the import side. Get use to it hun! I suppose you are talking about the corporate side of HD, and not the owners themselves. Yes, money is the root of all evil, and I plan on planting my own garden, thank you. If you want to give your money away and advertise for free and call it the "American way", be my guest.

The American way isn't about being stupid, far from it. The American way is all about finding gullible, stupid people like you, and milking them for all of their money that you can. So to answer your question, yes. How stupid can you really get? I'm not a rolling advertisement for some company. Yes, the whole world is made up of money. Please send me your money, however, you will never get any of my money in return because I am not a financial virgin about to get fiscally sodomized with a square dick. Sorry you can't see that, but then, you are the key to someone else's success, not your own and that's where you are a failure in life.

What do you call a girl in Milwaukee who can run faster than any of her twelve brothers? I wouldn't be too proud of living in Milwaukee. The only thing to do there is fuck, fight, and get drunk, or a combination of the three. Ignorance should never be a thing to be proud of, Kristina. Especially when you not only own a vast share of it, but you also flaunt it in public for all to see. Be afraid be very afraid! You couldn't stay in the REAL motorcycle crowd to begin with so you had to buy your way into a rental group of friends and you think I'm afraid of you?

We, sportbike riders like myself, already kicked you out on your ass and sent you packing for the pasture once. I'm pretty sure we could do it again, no problem.

You say that I should be afraid of you? Ignorance can be hereditary, Kristina. Like the saying goes; "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. Bab as Lippman said, "We have to protect ourselves from the hatley and roar of a bewildered herd. Am I scared of you? Yes, but not because of the bike Naekd you own. I'm scared that there are a lot more of people like you out there. That would seriously be bad for America if the idiot ratio of the population got to far out of hand. Sorry Nakwd they get harlley in your category! I tend to think that an import bike, more specifically a sportbike or Nwked "crotch rocket" babf you refer to them, is the motorcycle choice of an educated, thinking individual.

They are close tolerance, ultra-high compression machines born out of the fires of severe competition and Naked harley babe. You need specialized tools and not a minor amount of knowledge to work Nakrd them. When it comes to Harleys, a five pound hammer is about all you need to keep it running. That or some guy named "Skeeter" with tattoos up and down both of his arms and odious personal habits. A Harley is for when you want to sign up to be part of the crowd. Face it, you think you are counter-culture, but you only pretend to be. Those "crotch rocket, rice burning fags" out there Nakef the REAL outlaw bikers, not you and the sheep that graze with you.

You can't go against your very essence. You would like to think you are a renegade, but the real renegades in society laugh at you and others like you. You are so fake, Kristina. Just accept it, get on your little pretend bike, and ride off into obscurity like you are destined to do. The "Happy way of life"? What the hell is that? Is that also an hrley endorsed product from Milwaukee? Have you bought that as well, or is it an option package for your so-called lifestyle? Not everyone is a sheep by choice, some don't know the difference and when they open their eyes for the first time, it's worth all of this effort.

Think of it as deprogramming. You Harley riders sure can dish it out with your rented superiority and store bought attitude but as soon as someone calls you on the carpet and throws it right back at you, suddenly people like me are being unpatriotic, un-American. Bullshit, you stupid hypocrite. You say that Harley riders are the nicest people on the road, yet you degrade women and make racist remarks. What are YOUR comments doing? Just going to prove that I'm right and people like you are wrong, that's what your comments are doing.

You Harley riders never cease to dig the ignorant pit deeper, do you? Nothing else, so while I could experience it, I choose not to. Harley Davidson is nothing more than a logo, Kristina. It is a logo that is easily recognized by the ignorant and those most readily susceptible to be mentally placated by pop culture trinkets. The HD logo is similar to that in operation, it is a beacon for scoggins to identify with and home in on, like bugs to a zapper light. It's a logo, Kristina. It's a siren call to the ignorant that they cannot ignore. The HD logo is the most easily recognized symbol in America, because it has been applied from everything from toilet paper to pickup trucks and everything in between.

Brand recognition through media overload and image repetition. If Harley Davidson is a way of life, Kristina, then why does Milwaukee need to slather their logo on everything in order to sell their product? Because Harley Davidson is a joke. A big, fucking, un-American joke and people like you perpetuate it. I don't appreciate the rest of the world thinking that the best that MY country can do is Harley Davidson. People like you embarrass me and my country in front of the world. If Harley Davidson is a way of life, it should be self sustaining, not requiring stupid fucks like yourself to go out and recruit even stupider fucks to join the collective flock. It has sixteen different HD logos on and in the truck, but only three Ford logos on and in the truck.

Ford builds it, but Harley owns it and they want to let everyone know that when that truck is sitting there in traffic, that the logo is identified from every possible angle. It's in your face, all the time, from every single angle. Do you want to explain that to me? I bet you could have over thirty bar and shield logos, from the factory, on that truck if you ordered all the right options. So Harley Davidson is a way of life? What do I think of Harley Davidson? You spread out and you infect the rest of society with your pretend lifestyle, all the while screaming that yours is the American way of life.

I have a life, and I have an individual personality. I feel sorry for you, and those like you. Beauty is only skin deep, but dumb is forever. Next time you and your husband are making love, might I suggest dueling banjos to set the mood? Laid-back cowgirl position with slow hip-grinding, rotating hips are sooooo sexy to watch. Beautiful women, beautiful tits, beautiful ass and beautiful voice. Naked girl grinds her hips and feels the way that thick dick fills her up and pumps her as sweat trickles down her fabulous body. The view of a naked girl riding a cock in cowgirl with her legs spread wide open is exceptionally nice. Sexy naked babe stands up and turns over, squatting back into his cock, this time with her sexy backside facing him.

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